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2010-05-24 - 9:32 a.m.

A bit too hot and bright for me. I woke early and dragged myself downstairs to do some posting and listen to Everything and Nothing followed by The Edge of a Dream. I mailed Dick Jones to say I definitely didn’t think I was going to get the three mp3s of songs across the net to him but as a consolation offering a link to the Cambridge Poets paper. He mailed back with some encouraging comments and I replied. Today’s posting on the PP is a poem. Paul and I were both up early and we exchanged some links and thoughts on things today, it being Whitsun and all.

On Saturday I discovered more about James and Yale – he will definitely be a member of the University, funded by them. It seems Vita is going to South India this summer. I looked up what’s being said about cutting the budgets of Regional Development Agencies.

After lunch I put on Taming the Tiger, recorded in1998 – about the same year as Painting with Words and Music . It was thought at one stage that this would be her last album of original material – that was until Shine emerged. The production methods look quite similar on the two albums.

I discovered I had forgotten some of the ‘memorable terms’ in my online banking routine. I played John Martyn at the BBC (CD) – a lot of echoplex to start with .but it settles down after that. I also tried the DVD which starts with a cracking version of his greatest hit followed by Small Hours. All in all over two and a half hours of music on the DVD. I downloaded the instruction manual for the Roland SD-50 sound module which I promptly lost and had to download again. Nonetheless it looks a tempting bundle of functionality in a small space for an average price.

Christmas and the Beads of Sweat starts off brilliantly and works its way up from there. Alice Coltrane features towards the end.

The Hissing of Summer Lawns makes a good comparator for The River. But its hard to chose between HSL and Hejira.

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