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2010-05-21 - 5:26 p.m.

I set off for Brill about 10.00am and found myself running for a bus to the airport which I caught. There weren’t many people on the coach to Oxford but I preferred to stare out of the window rather than get on with any reading.

We all went down to the local pub for lunch – the less smart one which is as a matter of fact smartening itself up. Then a short walk around the village to enjoy the view to the south. I sat and read in the garden while my hosts did a few tasks. I skimmed through the D&R commentary and decided that I had taken out the key fact as far as getting on with Badiou is concerned. That is that Badiou and Deleuze share a desire to privilege the creative individual – possibly because they are both concerned that a lot of contemporary philosophy seeks to minimise the possibilities of individual agency. Amazon have mailed me about another commentary on Being and Event – its good marketing but having read through the beginning online I have decided I will try without for a bit longer.

I am having a lot of trouble getting the songfiles across to Dick – I keep getting error messages. But I can’t think of any other approach than to keep on trying. Its annoying nonetheless.

Over supper we listened to a CD of Brahms’ German Requiem – a recording of the performance by a local choral society. I had been to hear a different performance by a choral society in Sussex last year some time. I can’t pretend that I like the work and indeed I didn’t but I could hear that the recording itself was pretty good all things concerned.

My thoughts have begun to return to the possibility of using the Tascam 564 to make recordings. Getting hold of the instruction manual should be reasonably straightforward. Getting a mike of suitable quality would be harder – although I note that there is a reasonably price Behringer condenser mike. I always sleep very soundly in Brill.

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