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2010-05-20 - 12:59 a.m.

I enjoyed Alicia Keys on TV on Tuesday night so I added her to the library. The DVD of 50 years of Island arrived. I mailed off some analysis of Japanese companies in the Americas in response.

There was a thank you card from Vita and a reminder about that embarrassing self-test from the NHS. I wrote to PW about the Yamaha TG55 and looking for it on the net I concluded that the item I had my eye on had been sold which is hardly surprising given its price and utility. It looks as if it was a good fit with a wind controller as well. I found a page about Yamaha physical modelling synths which I mailed to Peter Chatterton for him to read when he gets back.. I mailed Dick about his Line 6 amplifier and about song-writing. Loading the mp3s was quite tricky but Dick said he liked the Sonnet.

There was the weekly e-m from the Wire which led me to Electric Eden


Itís cheap to pre-order but it wonít be available until early August. Also some information here which is very enticing


Good to see the reference to Ian Macdonaldís ND analysis.

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