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2010-05-19 - 9:44 a.m.

The new task fell naturally into two halves Ė the first half was relatively easy and the second half wasnít. The Adventure Capitalist TV programme on Brazil held my interest.

Paul B phoned about going to stay this week. I phoned the office and the bank. I played Aquanote all the way through and listened to the stream of Tracey Thornís new album. The weekly Wire post arrived and I tried to listen to the stream it offered but it gave up after three tracks. I mailed the other Paul some links to some Tracey Thorn sites.

It looks as if the RocknRoll Years have finished on the Patteran Pages except I think there may be an addition about a post-Tintagel venture that I just missed. I must ask Dick about his Line 6 amplifier.

I think I have worked out my angle of attack on Badiouís Being and Event. In practical terms it means beginning at the beginning.

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