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2010-05-14 - 9:36 a.m.

Amazon mailed very artfully with a discount offer on a number of Badiouís works (in English). I took the plunge and ordered Being and Event Ė the masterpiece I believe. I donít know how far Iíll get with it but Iíd like to read what he says about truth and events just in case. Just under a tenner with p&p. I mentioned this to Laurence who said he had been discussing the new philosophy with a student he had met through one of his children. I mailed him an OOP post about philosophy and art criticism.

I ploughed on with Mexico which has become very closely linked to the US economy. Probably not too much for us there. I need some new sources. Peter Chatterton mailed to say a copy of 10SS & 4 5ths was in the post. Anticipation mounts - Peter is off to the Baltic States shortly. I mailed Wendy with commiserations about Fulham.

On OOO there was a post about varieties of Arabic in Egypt which I mailed to James as his gf is currently learning the language. Dick Jones mailed about the Tintagel post and I sent him the link to the Movies entry on Sandy Denny. I think itís a good piece of writing. Try it for yourself.


The Movies story is peculiar Ė as they explain it all happened before the advent of CDs so recordings only exist on fragile tape. A colleague mailed to say he would buy the ITCOTCK book and I passed this on to Andrew.

I havenít yet worked out whether the version of Nefertiti that the bear plays is the same as the one on the River Ė I think probably not. Talking of which Corinne Bailey Rae said it was hard recording her song on here because she kept wanting to stop singing and listen to what the band were up to.

There was an e-m about the new Tracey Thorn album. Thereís a preview here:


And some discussion here:


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