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2010-05-13 - 9:50 a.m.

I am a (not habitual) Lib-Dem voter who didn’t think he was voting for this outcome. Nonetheless, the Patteran Pages have reached the Tintagel episode – see


I mailed Dick with a recollection of a couple of songs in the RAH setlist including Jackson C Frank’s Milk and Honey. I noted with interest that Judy Dyble had chipped in a comment. Perhaps I should buy her latest.

I mailed off my first draft on Argentina which included a late addition of some material on the Global Competitiveness Index. Some feedback came through very promptly. Now onto Mexico.

The Joni Letters arrived all the way from CA. First impressions were extremely positive including the Norah Jones and Tina Turner songs. The treatment of some songs by the band which includes Hhancock, Wayne Shorter and one-time Brit Dave Holland is very adventurous. Miss M turns up to sing one song. I played it through several times as I started to dig around for the Mexican stuff. In the evening some of the Sympathy for the Devil DVD.

Judging by my itchy eyes I think the hayfever season might be starting.

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