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2010-05-12 - 9:57 a.m.

I went to see my GP yesterday morning. On the bus on the way there and back and while I was waiting in the polyclinic I read Williams on D&R on repetition. It seemed to me that things were beginning to get a bit tricksy but I will press on with Ch4. The GP interview was fine. I went and had a look round the High Street and bought a new watch strap. I quite enjoy riding around on a bus – the company is so varied.

I worked the rest of the day on Argentina which has had a turbulent history over the last 20 years. My paper is already too long and I need to thin it down in parts. I listened to Andrew’s First Things which is beginning to grow on me.Also Su Lyn’s Lines of Desire.

I watched G Brown drive to the Palace and back to resign. Meanwhile I wrote to Peter Chatterton to see if I could get my hands on 10 SS and 4 5ths to pass on to Dick Jones. Prompted by the exchanges with DJ I have played a few of the songs from the Airburst Suite and I was surprised to find I quite liked them

Bear played I Surrender (again) – just as David Cameron was driving down the Mall to the Palace. Then a different version of On Green Dolphin Street. Lullaby of Clubland as ever. Plus Bukka White.

Bear also spun Muso Bonk – probably his idea of a joke. .

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