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2010-05-11 - 9:38 a.m.

I started on the next assignment – about Argentina which seems to be a less popular topic for net comment than her neighbour Brazil. Bette mailed about the Lib-Dem negotiations and I replied.

I worked my way through some of the CDs that have just turned up – late Cage, 1967 Doors, 1970s Feldman, Desertshore, 1980’s Cybotron and Travelogue which miraculously still has both CDs intact. Also Andrew’s First Things which I played through twice. It sounded much better on my hifi than it did at P&B’s. Watching Miss M on Painting with Words and Music, I can’t help wonder how she goes about writing them with those strange tunings. She is using the special guitar which goes through a box which automatically adjusts for different tunings so she doesn’t have to retune. The technician has the setlist and adjusts the box to the right tuning for each song.

I am getting behind with Object Oriented Philosophy. Several quite weighty posts have come through and they are stacking up in my inbox.

The Patteran Pages musical history edged towards the birth of Tintagel.

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