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2010-05-10 - 3:13 a.m.

Dick Jones mailed showing welcome signs of life. I sent off a reply which touched on the strange rewards of the avant-garde. I watched the Andrew Marr show which seemed rather disconnected from the real political business of the day which is going on behind closed doors. LFM as usual while I waited for Rob and Wendy to knock at my door. Woodstock in the original version, Midnite Blue and Been Smokin Too Long were amongst the bear’s more apt selections. Amazon mailed offering a cheap edition of Dummy – fortunately it was only on mp3. The bear carried on with the J Browne song about the bear. I have added David Sylvian to the library and bear picked I Surrender which I used to have on CD and which I think I first heard in Lycia. I thought Aquanote sounded very tempting on Naked Music. Are they deep-house?

R&W arrived a bit late and we set off for Brentford. There was noone in the pub when we arrived and we were seated in the dining area. Towards the end of the main course the expected party of 30 arrived and started to make a racket. We moved into the bar which was mainly populated by people in their 20s and 30s. We walked around Brentford – the Butts and beyond and then down to the point at which the canal enters the Thames. It all looked rather quaint. I said I would travel to Rotherhithe to meet up with Rob in the new riverside flat. R&W had been to see the Habit of Art yesterday evening – we agreed that it was really good fun.

I was looking for the two Highveld CDs – and I found a box of my CDs that I had forgotten about including lots of contemporary music. Amongst the CDs was a copy of Andrew’s First Things CD which played perfectly on my laptop – unlike the other copy I tried,

Dick had asked whether I had any soundfiles of the collaboration with Gilbert Isbin – to my surprise I found a neglected part of the KK site where there are 10 Dhorn related sound files several of which are GI collaborations. I had completely forgotten about many of these pieces – also about a flute drone lullabye piece that is still there.

I see the Patteran Pages have relaunched with a repeat of the rock n roll years – here


I also found some DVDs – John Martyn, Basquiat, Love Forever Changes, Miss Mitchell’s Painting with Words and Music and the Godard film about the recording of Sympathy for the Devil – all very good news.

Today is Vita's birthday and she's working away towards her finals I expect.

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