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2010-05-09 - 10:02 a.m.

Oversleeping as a result of the election night excesses. Dummy arrived as a fairly beaten up item but then I didn’t pay much for it. Bear played the 1958 Green Dolphin Street to get me going. I did my first LFM shout about it. I have been pulling together bits of my musical history – the idea is to give DJ something to read as he gradually returns to digital life – also to remind myself as well of course. Bear span Unbending Trees – the First Day. Then Lullaby of Clubland which always sounds good to me.

I have to write about Argentina and Mexico which should be OK – I went to Mexico City once (from Detroit via LA). The MC taxis were said to be dangerous but the art and architecture were good. I turned the bear off and played Dummy -very atmospheric, disturbing as well – so much so that it’s a surprise it was such a big hit. I think the electric piano is an amazingly potent sound – I love the one on the Solid Air album for example – which comes from Pharoah Sanders I believe. After Dummy I had to play Weekend Players to balance things out.

Still need the momentum to get back to Williams on D&R. I have remembered why I thought Deleuze was dangerous. Via Linkedin I have got myself lined to an innovation method which goes by the name of FORTH. I think it may be Dutch.

MDR played Jaco Pastorius, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane. The bear showed up in the middle to check I was still listening – I gave him the usual F5 treatment. Night in Tunisia by the Jazz Messengers was the result. I began to wonder about sampling some of the jazz grooves.

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