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2010-05-08 - 10:03 a.m.

I dreamed I was staying in a large Arts and Crafts house part of which had been upgraded in a sympathetic modern style. The Weekend Players’ Pursuit of Happiness CD arrived – first track uses a loop from Steve Reich which is a good start. I was drawn to this by the comment that this lot are EBTG for the noughties which is going too far. I am not sure the orchestration of the beats is up to that standard. Some parts of their work reminded me of Robin’s approach – also some triphop elements that even I could spot plus a hint of early Lamb. I remembered I like Jericho from the LFM plays – with the guitar fills. I played it all through as an alternative to all the political speculation then I played it again.

It’s good to have Outlook back and working fully and to start the day with my FT emails. I hear James has got a thumbs up from Yale for next year – I mailed some congratulations. It seems Yale is big on American Studies. I believe its also big on aesthetics but I don’t suppose he’ll do much of that. Cole Porter and Charles Ives are amongst the alumni. It doesn’t look far from New Haven to NYC. There are direct flights from Gatwick to NH.

I saw the declaration where the Conservatives gained Warwick and Leamington at about 12.30pm. Labour held the seat in my constituency despite my protest at the expenses record of the incumbent. The incumbent’s wife in the next door constituency lost her seat. Guildford was held by the Conservatives against the strong Lib-Dem challenge.Rob and Wendy mailed about lunch on Sunday.

I have been accepted by another group on Linkedin and I applied to join a third and fourth. Finished up the sparkling wine from last night which was still quite fizzy. I wrote to Dick Jones about the Short Stories and Four Fifths.

I can’t stay away from Miles Davis Radio – it started this time with Bye Bye Blackbird which is on his first record for Columbia made in 1955 which introduces a 2 beat to the bar bassline for the tune which became a trademark. On this track Trane plays 16th note runs without the fluidity that would come as he refined his style. Next Art Blakey Moanin and then Chet Baker playing Someone to Watch Over Me. Did CB steal Miles’ approach? Probably not when you look at the dates.

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