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2010-05-07 - 10:21 a.m.

I liked Miles Davis Radio so much yesterday that I decided to listen again today. There’s big news from the Middlesex University Philosophy situation – students have invaded and occupied the admin block and are getting messages of support from elite institutions round the world. I mailed James about it but he had already heard. Badiou Butler and Zizek have signed the letter to THES about Middlesex.

I went and voted of course. A colleague mailed introducing a new topic to look into. Two other colleagues called in for a round-up and to hand over a more detailed spec.

Laura Nyro Live in Japan arrived with a very attractively designed box and CD which went straight onto the laptop. Solo piano plus backing singers. She is in superb voice and is playing a beautiful acoustic piano – a mix of covers (including Walk On By) and songs from across her repertoire. But it is too short – just ten songs leave you wanting it to go on much longer so I played it through again immediately. There is a story about her asking Miles to play on a record but he refused saying that she had said it all already. Some reviewers suggest that LIJ is just for completists – but you can count me in on that score. Should I get a 2nd hand copy of the Loom’s Desire to tide me over?

There are still 3 CDs ordered, including the Joni Letters which seems to be taking forever. Amazon mailed to say Dummy is on its way. Miles Davis Radio kicked off with Footprints from Miles Smiles – freebop plays the blues. Then Joyspring which I used to be able to play by heart.

I didn’t have a chance to read any more Williams on Deleueze but I did see that W has signed the THES letter about Middlesex. Laurence mailed about a philosophy lecture in Oxford that he had been to.

I stayed up until 5am.

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