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2010-05-06 - 10:09 a.m.

Still none of the key comms when I started the laptop. One line with yesterdayís date has appeared on Pattern Pages. I left a reply on PP, a move that had previously eluded me. No comms means no messages from the Financial Times to start the day. I canít understand why the political leaders campaigned through the night when their visits are choreographed to make sure they donít meet any floating voters. None of the CDs arrived but there was a letter from Gordon Brown which didnít say anything new. I am not easily moved by appeals about the NHS. Actually I am looking forward to watching the results but not to the political confusion that is likely to follow.

Bear started with Shawn Colvin, an artist that I donít really know apart from her track that he has selected for the library which is nice enough. Then Marvin Gaye Too Busy Thinking about my Baby and Marquee Moon which has 268 shouts on LFM, more than I would have guessed Ė compare for example Morning Theft which has collected only 57. One comment on MM says that it only took thirty years for every other band in the world to sound like this. Many suggest that MMís one of the best songs ever.

Nabra Lansh is bracketed with Robin Frederick on LFM which makes no sense to me. Apart from that the bear was in a conservative mood. The live version of Stingís Hounds of Winter was new to me with the Hammond so far forward. I have liked that sound ever since getting into Jimmy Smith as a teenager. Apparently the live Nefertiti which LFM plays is not the one from the Joni Letters Ė Iíll find out when the CD gets here. The live version is nicely strung out. A lead sheet would be handy -Kyle Gann has one on his office wall according to this:


Maybe this site is the answer


12 of the 16 chords are spelled out for free. On this basis the second 4 is a repetition of the first four bars up a minor third. Nothing scary about that. It looks like the last three chords are a cycle of fifths turnaround back to the first chord. Perhaps weíre almost there and its time to try it on the U2 Ė all the eccentricity is in the third set of four bars and half of that uses an A major scale Ė and if bar 13 is the tonic then itís a Bm9 which also uses the same scale to give the thing a mental sense of direction. Itís only taken me 43 years to get here Ė who says freebop is difficult? I wonder if I can crack Little One off ESP and Maiden Voyage.

Model 500ís Night Drive dates from 1985 Ė itís hard to imagine this but thatís what the Bearshare site says. I must ask the bear what he knows about this site. According to Wikipedia the file sharing on it doesnít now infringe copyright.

Ch3 of Williams is all about difference Ė itís this not repetition which is the heart of the theory or the fundamental part of experience. Williams explains: real difference is a matter of how things become different and how they evolve and continue to evolve beyond the boundaries of the sets they have been distributed into. To be is not to be a well defined thing with limits Ė it is to be pure movement on variation in relation to well defined things. This would put freebop in a priveliged place in the world of music, I think. Its surprising that Hhancock and Wayne Shorter manage to translate Both Sides Now into freebop.

Being cannot be a subset of meanings or referents. Apparently Deleuze is taken by the mathematical process of differentiation in algebra where significant information about the function is derived by thinking about vanishingly small variations Ė and the variation in the variation. The chapters on Deleuze are easier than those on Badiou I have been wrestling with.

Joanna Newsom was on TV the other night and I put some of her albums into the library. Sheís on at the RFH next week I see. I got the URL to reconnect to my e-mail which had built up after 30 hours. There was an OOO link to a very useful article about the new materialism Ė Deleuze was linked into Latour. The URL interface isnít wonderful but itís a great deal better than nothing.

I have been lamenting the passing of my groove-box which I gave to the guitarist in Winnebago Deal when I wanted to downsize. It only cost me £60 as a remaindered item but it had quite a lot of functionality and wasYamaha inside.

I tried Miles Davis Radio to see how on earth they would define the field. A Dexter Gordon 4tet album from 1962 was chosen which has been placed in the best 100 jazz albums ever, then Wynton Marsalis playing the Broadway songbook with aplomb, followed by a track from the first great 5tet X-ing series from 1956 which it has been said defined what counts as a modern jazz standard. Also Freddie Hubbard live who was the man while Miles was in retirement 75-81. In fact he reconvened the 2nd great 5tet taking the leaderís role in 1977 shaping the jazz that followed on for years after.

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