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2010-05-05 - 9:54 a.m.

Bear played safe again by starting the day with Laura Nyro and Carl Craig, then a live version of Tutu. The light mornings are waking me too early which is something I never enjoy. Some recovery time was needed before I launched in Ch2 of Williams on D&R. But it was reasonably easy going to start and so I pressed on at a rate.

E-ms still very sparse not and then half way through the day a chunk of comms completely disappeared so that Outlook couldnít link to the computer at the works. Result no incoming mail at all.. The IT manager wasnít in the office so there was nothing I could do except occasionally stare at the hole in the menu where the route through to to the main server should be. Restarting the thing didnít make any difference. Thereís a URL thatís a way round this problem but I canít remember it precisely enough.

I played through Sorceror which sounded fine. I came to the conclusion that I would be doing untactical voting. I looked up the words to Morning Theft and came across some fervent fan comments about it. One fan said that the song had displaced Lover You Should Have Come Over as her favourite.

I can recognisie the glorious version of Green Dolphin Street from the opening of the first bar of the piano introduction. The order of soloists is Miles, Trane, Cannonball Adderly, Bill Evans. One reviewer says that the track describes late 50s hip better than a roomful of dissertations.

I have ordered Dummy by Portishead because LFM is always telling me I like triphop. Still no news from the Patteran Pages.

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