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2010-05-04 - 6:57 a.m.

The 90 min C4 programme on Sunday night about the forthcoming post-election financial crack-down was engaging and alarming. Also the programme about the volcanoes in Iceland – so many lurking threats. Bear started the day with Sundays and a TT remix, playing it safe. I read reviews of the Fender De Luxe 112 plus, one of which I own. The clean channel and reverb are universally praised while the overdrive channel gets mixed reviews. There’s agreement that for its size it’s really loud. Its often used with a distortion unit on the clean channel instead of the overdrive channel.

I hammered through Ch1 of Williams on D&R. The pencil markings show that this was not the first time that I have read it. Three or four years ago I used to think I was a Deleuzean – and then I dropped that idea because I thought it was too dangerous. I o bought D&R originally expecting it to illuminate minimalism. This could still be the case if I do enough work

I tried Bats for Lashes Radio - Cat Power cropped up yet again also Florence and the Machine plus a track from P J Harvey’s Stories from the City etc. I stole my copy of this from James – I think it may be PJH’s most successful album. The station began to repeat itself and after some false starts I ended up with Weekend Players Radio which did well – my introduction to lounge? Eventually Vanessa Daou showed up here looking a lot more expensive than before.

David Cameron made a surprise visit to speak in the constituency where I have a vote. I was able to resist the temptation to go and see him but it shows they must think this is a winnable seat. I hear that the event was massively stage managed.

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