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2010-05-03 - 9:30 a.m.

I read around on the MED Amiga tracker sequencer and AWE32 sound card for the PC – the two bits of kit that kept me occupied with electronic music for almost a decade. Wikipedia covers them well. I tried to maintain my capability for both systems but ultimately this defeated me and I threw out the kit regretfully. A lot of my archive are currently on minidiscs and I am not sure where the box of discs has ended up. I still have a mixer which includes a 4 track MD system built-in – so if the box ever turns up I’ll be able to play them alright.

I tried to track down the Detroit Historical Museum entries about techno but didn’t manage it. I did find the Detroit Techno Militia here


Still no news from the Patteran Pages.

I played some of Big Fun from 1969-72 – I had forgotten I bought this. It’s a 75th anniversary edition which means there are 4 extra tracks. John McLaughlin is on several of them. In the notes Bernie Maupin explains that Miles wouldn’t let the musicians hear much of the playback so the participants had little idea of the overall sound they were producing. Its hard to think of a positive reason for this approach. I think I attended a concert of music in this style in late 1970 or early 1971 although I can’t track anything down on the net. You can see how this kind of music came to be remixed by Bill Laswell and his friends. Wikipedia explains the BL project as follows:

‘For Panthalassa, Laswell took the tapes from Miles’ ‘electric period’ and re-imagined them. The impetus for the project being that the original releases were just mixes made by Teo Macero from long in studio sessions. Nothing originally released was necessarily exactly what was done in the studio, but rather a cut-up and remix to begin with. Needless to say, critic and fan responses varied wildly with Laswell and Macero conducting a public feud in the media.’

There’s a good discussion of his approach here:


Wikipedia explains that Laswell spent some formative years playing bass in funk groups around Detroit and Ann Arbor in the early 1970s. In fact switching from electronic Miles to DTM dowloads wasn’t a particularly big jump. Try


I finished off Hutto – it leaves me feeling dissatisfied. I think I might try James Williams’ commentary on Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition next. I have a copy of D&R but I don’t know where it is, of course. I looked up Williams and found he is at Dundee University. He has written about Deleuze and Badiou with respect to Ian McEwen. See


E-ms still a bit sparse. I followed a link from OOO to a petition of protest about Philosophy at Middlesex University. It looked as if 4600 people had already signed.

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