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2010-05-02 - 9:53 a.m.

The Vanessa Daou CD arrived very speedily all the way from the US – the booklet has all the words and arrived in excellent condition considering it was under £2 plus PP. Lots of references to Trane - so this is nu-jazz. Well done and thank you LFM.

The Sorceror also arrived – recorded in May 67 - four months before I saw this band at Hammersmith. Nefertiti was recorded only a month or two after the Sorceror. This is freebop - very sophisticated music which belies the fact that its over 40 years old. This album includes Tony Williams’ first composition for the group. The CD has several extra tracks. Oddly they add a track from 1962 with vocals – from the same bunch that produced Blue Christmas, Miles’ only Christmas song. The extra version of Masqualero is excellent but the 2nd Limbo is maybe not so strong. I wonder if Sorceror is now my favourite of the four 2nd great 5tet albums?. I have played ESP so much I know it off by heart and I know Miles Smiles quite well. There’s a very impressive live guitar version of Wayne Shorter’s Masqualero with Steve Khan’s trio here


Steve Khan’s chord book looks inviting


Except it’s only 77 pages - £7.50 2nd hand – but there are 2 playalong CDs included. I tried Miles Davis Radio on LFM – first up was a live version of So What, definitely not the original studio version, claiming to be from Kind of Blue. Next Orbits by the 2nd great 5tet. There’s a discussion of this tune here:


I looked at the Middlesex University site which led directly to a paper by the prof on


I read the Postcript to Hutto and the first third of Ch 6. Its almost as if he keeps the philosophy on a tight rein so that he can pursue the psychology as he wishes.

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