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2010-05-01 - 9:26 a.m.

No cds arrived, to my surprise – but I did get my hair cut. I finished off Hutto Ch4 as the bear was spinning Nefertiti. Hutto sticks to his guns in terms of extending the saying/showing doctrine to link with the role of language games and forms of life as the fundamental layer in how we go about rule following and meaning. He takes on all comers. There is something unsatisfactory in this position so that one feels compelled to look for more. That desire to seek out more detailed, lower level explanation is simply misplaced in Hutto’s view – and there are famous chunks in LW about us getting bewitched by inappropriate pictures. Ch5 turned out to be quite an easy read. I followed a line which led to something called the narrative practice hypothesis, about which, possibly, more another day. Perhaps its psychology rather than philosophy. I was originally going to study both but never got round to switching. Only Ch6 and the postscript to go.

There are two versions of Have You Heard which the bear confuses – one is the classic from the Beano album and the other is a later live version with Coco Montoya’s lead guitar which somehow hasn’t got the same edge. It’s a pity the Sopranos are on so late.

I wondered what would happen if the Dhorn was used as a Midi-driver with the alesis micron. I mailed Dick Jones about his namesake bass player, in case he has recovered enough to use his i-phone. Generally I thought mail was still rather sparse – not even that much from OOO.

Bear played Art Bears On Suicide and Tristano by D Graham - Buy and Sell which is sung by Suzanne Vega on Time and Love, a commemorative album, from Laura Nyro’s First Songs. In fact it may be my favourite from there. The bear also played There’s A Boat that’s Leaving by Miles/Gil Evans – something I had on an EP as a teenager. Liking it a lot I mistook Bill Evans for Gil Evans when I bought the next EP but it didn’t really matter.

I went to Ben Watt’s Strange Feeling site and caught another track from his partner’s new album - also some tracks from Unbending Trees. Then I played Recommendations Radio on LFM – I have never tried it before. I would guess there was a 50-60% hit rate. I suppose the bear is behind this? He did well with Galaxay 2 Galaxy and Joe Henderson playing Blue Bossa on Blue Note, OK with Hooverphonic. Then Sonny Rollins’ St Thomas (the last time I discussed him it was with DG.) Bear knew that Paperclip People was really Carl Craig which was news to me. Its not very often you hear techno in 3:4. Another hit with Jackson C Frank’s Milk and Honey – Sandy Denny’s version is good too but somehow Jackson’s voice has the edge on this one. I think I still have this on an LP.

I am not wild about Bank Holidays.

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