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2010-04-30 - 8:50 a.m.

Vanessa Daou is going down well so I joined her mailing list. The site suggested I play two of her new tracks and so I did – very good sound quality. I re-read my last assignment as it looks as if there will be some follow-on questions. Bette mailed about the political balance in Gfd and the niceties of a hung parliament.

I am in the middle of Ch4 of Hutto which is classic other minds/rule following territory. Formally Hutto is Prof of Philosophical Psychology – I can’t think of any others with this job description and I mailed Laurence about his distinctive approach. A series of alerts arrived about the decision to close the Philosophy Department at Middlesex University which seems to make no sense whatsoever. It took me ages to muster the energy to make myself a cup of coffee. Eventually the bear got round to playing the Unbending Trees – very tempting.

In promoting LFM to a colleague I have been sounding it out on the blues. It has Bukka White – who I think was BB King’s uncle – also Sleepy John Estes who I saw once on a blues tour in the mid sixties at the Albert Hall.

I started to wonder about Alesis Micron analog modelling synth but this is probably a silly idea. There’s one place that has them for £200 – and it is a nice cosy size. I looked up some reviews of my Roland Cube 20 - some suggestion that there’s a distinctive sound although its solid state. I decided to go back to EBTG Radio.This threw up a track from Out of the Woods that the bear has been woefully neglecting – well its in the library now whether he likes it or not.

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