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2010-04-28 - 9:40 a.m.

The bear opened up with The Dance by Rhythim is Rhythim – a well constructed piece – soon followed by the epoqual Strings of Life with its bright snare serving as a wake-up call. I decided it might be the day to finish Ch3 of Hutto - where he develops the idea that logical form in early LW equates to forms of life in later LW. This means that one can only describe forms of life and not explain them. This sounds like a hard pill to swallow – what would it mean about the possibilities of fiction, for example? Not that I read much of it.

Laurence and I have been surprised to learn that some analysts think there are three phases or three masterpieces in LW’s career, the last being On Certainty which is freely available on the net – here:


This was published during my time as an undergraduate and therefore it fell outside the scope of my studies. Bear played Buy and Sell followed by Blue Nile – maybe he was working through tunes that share his initial.

Amazon US requested a review of the Elektra history – the first time either site has asked me for this. I knocked out a couple of paragraphs saying that in essence the book is really good fun. Amazon immediately wanted to know if I would review another four books on a broadly similar theme. I declined as I hadn’t read them. I didn’t get the impression review copies were on offer.

Reading my back pages I discovered that I had bought the Hutto book in Wwk Uni bookshop – the same night that I heard Courtney Pine, a concert I remember quite well although the memory of the book purchase is lost. I suppose I go to fewer concerts than I buy books. I also read my Trevor Dann piece, reminding myself of a few tropes that I had forgotten especially the blend of purposefulness and purposelessness. I found it hard to imagine how the comparative sanity of these writings had drained away over the rest of 2007. The bear cheekily interrupted the flow of music to see if I had gone to sleep. I gave him an F5 and he responded rather obliquely with some late period Davy Graham and then tried to ingratiate himself with some live Jeff Buckley. He claims this is from Grace but I am pretty certain this is not the case. He is very prone to confuse later live versions with original recordings.

I found a potential contact on Linkedin and also applied to join the group on performance measurement. Meanwhile the bear followed the Fray with Unbending Trees – his piano 10 minutes.

Talking to Dick Jones about the great days of Tintagel made me delve into the web to see if I could find any reference to our zenith when we appeared at the Albert Hall. Someone has a passing reference to the last concert of the Watersons –which indeed it was. Then there’s a reference to the Incredible String Band being scheduled to appear and having to withdraw because of illness from a bill which also included Al Stewart and Roy Harper – who certainly on the bill with us. This was in the first half of February 1968. I used to have a copy of a FT review which mentioned Tintagel as representative of the beautiful people. Pause for a smirk. Well Dorris H was very eye-catching.

At the weekend I picked up Architectures of Knowledge by Cohendet and Amin which uses ANT theory as one of its inputs. I looked around the net to see where they had taken their ideas next and I couldn’t find a thing - there was someone’s presentation on Slideshare but it didn’t really cover the same ground. I wonder how I can develop the interest.

I moved onto the Whitesell chapter on what makes some Miss M albums into cyclic wholes. He gives ample time to Hejira and on the way reveals the Nefertiti link. She recorded her rhythm guitar parts over twice one on top of the other making the album – as she says doubling. Her approach to doubling was taken from how Miles and Wayne Shorter double the lead line on Nefertiti. Needless to say on the Joni Letters the doubling isn’t the same. The Nefertiti track on the eponymous album is formally unique for the way the frontline stick to the theme and the backline doesn’t.

I decided it was time to get the Joni Letters - also Sorceror where Hhancock sounds like Ravel to me. There are four 2nd great 5tet albums and this will put two at my fingertips.

The bear played The Dance at least three times today – dancing bear? Then he played Dancing Queen which pretty well proves it – amazing.

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