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2010-04-26 - 9:22 a.m.

I watched the London Marathon on and off as I pressed on with Huttoís book on Wittgenstein. Laurence mailed to say he hadnít recommended it and so I must have bumped into it in a bookshop Ė possibly the one at Wwk U. I finished Ch1 which covers Kant, Hegel, Frege and Russell as precursors and moved on into Ch2. Although I donít actually have my copy of the Tractatus to hand, almost all the quotations feel very familiar.

I struggled to find a way of messaging to the Patteran Pages and but cracked it via a band site. Dick replied very promptly and I mailed back with details about the treatment of Tintagel in the ITCOTCK book.

I have taken to watching The Sopranos in the middle of the night, finally realisng what all the fuss is about in terms of characterisation and production values.

I found a copy of Wayne Shorterís Infant Eyes on LastFM/You Tube and played it testing the harmonies on guitar. I think the piece might be in Eb though its not an open and shut case Ė the bridge starts with an Eb major but the tune ends with a Ab/Bb with Bb as the melody note Ė this could be the dominant or it could be a modal tonic. It is on Speak No Evil Ė Iím sure I used to have a copy of this but canít locate it. The track on LFM/YT is at a nice easy ballad pace which gives time to work out what the next chord shape should be. It reminds me a little of Naima but it has a 9bar middle eight. Maybe tomorrow Iíll try it with the Dhorn and the LFM/YT version. I also tried to track down a lead sheet for Herbie Hancockís tune Little One which is on both Maiden Voyage and ESP Ė no luck but I did find an useful article about the chords of Nefertiti which is here:


Itís a plenty weird set of changes and whatís more other progressions might be used in other versions of the tune. In fact some of the chords donít have names apart from the list of notes that make them up. The version of Nefertiti thatís on The River: The Joni Letters is quite a lot different from the version on the Miles album with that title.

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