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2010-04-18 - 9:00 a.m.

The bear started the day by diving into my Elektra archive, first with a tune from Four Sail and then You're Lost Little Girl during which an e-m arrived from Francis who has just linked with me on Linkedin – saying that he is back in the mighty empire of BIS. The bear followed up with Constant Craving which struck me as positively Deleuzean. Francis mailed me a link to an interesting BIS report in his area and I mailed back about my current project and Groundhog Day. I am beginning to realise how many people I know are stranded at different points around the world. My sister said there was volcanic dust landed on her car overnight.

I was sent a link to the history project at www.historyworld.net which I played with a bit and the fwded to James.

I decided to jump ahead with Gillespie on Badiou – about which I have increasingly positive feelings – the paperback has yet to arrive. There was more on events – events are the eruption of nothing into a situation. I also learned that when an event takes place it is quite common for the majority of people to miss it – it may be detected by only a few. This sounds to me a bit like the echo of Badiou’s political radicalism – the idea that a political vanguard may sometimes seize the situation. Gillespie explains – events are presented or seen only by those subjects who declare it and recognise it as such. Indeed he goes on to express concern about the circularity of the relationship between subjects and events – they depend on each other. He quotes B: the fundamental ontological characteristic of the event is to inscribe, to name, the situated void of that for which it is an event. In the back of the my mind is the idea that B thinks of the happenings in Paris of May 1968 as events.

G suggests that B’s philosophy is a minimalist metaphysics. I wonder how far we can take this – in terms of the advent of minimalism in that decade? B believes there are four conditions under which truth can occur, one of which is art. G adds – Art is one instantiation of the void as truth. This reminds of the way that minimalists hover between something and nothing tempting a dismissive reaction that there is nothing there, for example in a LMY drone piece. Its worth saying that to his credit from time to time the bear will throw in one of these. I might add that the bear seems to have a thing about the 2009 release by Judy Dyble – he appeared part way through the latest play of Dreamtime from Talking with Strangers. I went to her site to read her bio:


There’s a passage in G about Frege and zero. Frege was one of the authors that was recommended for reading before the start of my university course which I did – during my time in Tintagel. Generally speaking F is a big hero of AngloSaxon philosophy. Frege wanted psychology out of the foundations of mathematics but there is a query as to whether he let it back in with his treatment of zero. If so the foundations of maths and science might rely on some fundamental psychoanalytic truths – which would certainly be a turn up for the books.G recollects the possible coexistence of political, scientific, aesthetic and amorous subjects – I can’t wait to learn how on earth this can happen.

Nothing new on the Patteran Pages for over 3 days so I can’t tell if my subsciption has worked. Out on the road today, I saw a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac – so said Don Henley and 437 people have posted their affirmation on LFM. In his hipper moments the bear will spin Pharoah Sanders who had such an influence on John Martyn.

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