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2010-04-07 - 12:50 p.m.

In the spirit of Denny/Mcdonald I got LFM to play me Robin’s new version of Sandy Grey – the mix of acoustic guitars, rock drums and harmonies sounds very convincingly like an electric ballad from an English folk rock team circa 1973 – which is a way of saying I liked it.

I have just about finished my paper on Brazil – its 25 pages long and comes to the right conclusion. I think I’ll send it off tomorrow.

Laurence has replied about a link I sent him for a review by Simon Blackburn of a collection of essays about Virtue Ethics.

Last FM seeks to establish one’s musical favourites and then other members with similar tastes who are listed as one’s neighbours. For each neighbour it identifies the artists that you have in common. As far as I am concerned it is Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and John Martyn that provide the main bridge to the neighbourhood. Then there are a variety of artists who make up the fourth element – Sandy Denny, Fairports, Jeff Buckley, Jackson Browne, Judee Sill and sometimes Tracy Thorn.

I am surprised TT isn’t a more frequent member of my neighbourhood especially as she and EBTG are in my top three artists in my LFM charts. Miss M comes in fifth. Conscious that my listening profile tends to slot me into a particular age group and indeed my neighbourhood contains a fair number of members in their 50s, I have been adding artists from more recent decades. These include the Sundays, Lamb, P J Harvey, Tin Tin Out , Florence and the Machine and at PW’s suggestion Bats for Lashes. Carl Craig, the second generation Detroit producer falls into my top ten but obviously there aren’t enough people whose taste clusters around chilly techno and triphop influenced electronic songwriting and arranging for me to link up with members of a younger generation that way.

However, I should point out that not everyone in my neighbourhood is of the same vintage. Some of them advertise their age and there is a smattering of teens and twenties there. Its also worth noting that there’s quite a lot of jazz in my library not all from the same decade – good decade although it was.

One of the features on LFM is the ability to play selections from other peoples’ libraries which are automatically added to one’s own library. I have done this with the neighbours who are judged to be closest to my preferences. The result is an introduction to new artists for the most part – although they are my closest neighbours taste-wise it doesn’t mean that our tastes are identical.

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