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2006-11-27 - 9:17 p.m.

I bought LOVE at the weekend and was enchanted. Equally enchanted by the Cosi Fan Tutti on BBC4 on Saturday night – well I say ‘equally’ and that could be a bit loaded. But they both draw the listener in and hold the listener fast – a sequence of shortish songs organised into some sort of trajectory.

I called in on James at St Anthony’s on the way back to leantown to drop off a case. He was recovering from the night before – some kind of end-of-term phase has set in.

Vita and Yvonne went to see Holbein but I stayed at home and listened to the John Martyn BBC CD – its less than a fiver and its stupendous mostly performances from the 70s. I said to PW that I remembered that that what I had been trying to do the last three years or so was to get close to Small Hours.

I had another shot this morning – some harmonies that are on my mind – and a DHORN line . It went straight to video so to speak.

I spent the day getting ready for my 2 days masquerading as an expert. I have decided to try to beat the traffic tomorrow by staying at the Travelodge near Oxford on the M40. If I leave there at 6-30am then I should be able to get to my sisters in good time for 8-30am where I will leave my car.

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