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2006-11-20 - 5:19 a.m.

It looks like I am going to be re-targeted in a way which will involve more work in London. This is bound to involve more travel but I guess I am must grin and put up with that. I hated commuting when the railways really went down the pan around 2000. Anyway whatever it is wont start until later this week.

Vita is writing an essay on politics and graphic art. I have have to finish an essay for the cluster group – I have thrown a lot of material down to get myself started and over the week end some more angles came into my mind. My concern is to finish that piece before the London related work starts.

I have been playing the Bach Am flute sonata before I go off to work – its hardly original to say that it’s a great work – but its fun to play and to work within the patterning – the set of ideas that comes out of Glen Gould as interpreted by Said working off Dreyfus. Cicero’s input to Bach’s method is set out by Dreyfus - making something new requires five stages. This seems to be an idea with very widespread application not just in music but in the economic domain as well. I always like it when there’s a crossover between the economic domain and the creative domain.
Of course this is rule-based application or techne – not inspiration.

Another area where there’s a similar cross-over is in the philosophy of technology – and big new technological jumps – say like the invention of the tuning fork as a reliable standard impacted on the evolution of forms.

I have been listening to a piece I developed a couple of years back and took through quite a long process of elaboration and now it sounds quite good – quite rich – quite unlike a homemade piece. I downloaded the save disabled version of Wavelab5 yesterday – I had forgotten how powerful that software is.

A new version of Tutu by Marcus Miller - live – has led me to a You Tube clip at with Miles


The other evening Mrs C played a DVD out about Archbish Tutu – with Juliet Binoche as a journalist reporting on the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. The film isn’t perfect but the core subject is so extraordinary that its well worth having one’s attention drawn to it even if one can quibble about the details. With such powerful material people are always going to quibble about the details. And its worthy of note that an Archbish ended up as the title of a great 1980s Miles album.

But back to Miles’ bass players – the british one was at the Barbican on Saturday night. The first half was a trio with Jim Hall and Kenny Wheeler. I have never seen JH before – he was in quite an introspective mood. The second half was with Dave Holland’s current band who were quite something especially Chris Potter on saxes. The music ranged far and wide – the drummer’s four to the bar high-hat recalled Tony Williams from the 2nd great 5tet and at times the music recalled the most intense early 1970s high abstraction. The audience was very appreciative – rightly so.

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