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2006-10-15 - 9:21 p.m.

Watching the vid of EBTG playing Temperamental live in 1999. I was reading the TD bio earlier today as preparation for 21-02-07 – the last chapter where he collects together various references and citations and he mentions there how Ben has picked out 5LL. In the vid of Missing , he’s the missing one it seems – missing in Balham just down the road from Captain Peter. On the drive back to leantown I listened through Idlewild a couple of times and then Amplified Heart. You could almost call it Amplified Time Has Told Me.

The Pascal Roget double of Ravel has also arrived – I like the 2nd side better – its got Mother Goose and the first pavanne. There’s a pavanne in Mother Goose too, which I have performed, not only as a written piece but as a basis for improvisation. In fact somewhere I had the conception of 3 Ravpavs – I have an arrangement of the famous one – and I slowed the piece from the Tombeau Minuet down to a pavanne.

I read about the Dejeuner a little – what a perplexing work it is. Then about Ellsworth Kelly in Strickland’s book – I ought to have read this sooner after the Serpentine exhibition – it’s a very good discussion – about the bridge between Reinhardt and Newman and full on minimalism.

I played a lot of piano today and I had this illusion that my technique was coming up – playing my version of Uptight with the JJ bassline, also On Broadway, You Send Me, Everytime We Say Goodbye. I also cut the lawn.

There’s a conception too – c in the root and the right hand shifts from Em to Fm and then the c shifts to a db and the right hand shifts from Fm back to C – then repeat the whole thing in Ab and then in E. You could also say that this was a footnote to Time Has Told Me.

Chris rang and asked if I wanted to go with him to see Jim Hall with Miles’ bass player in November – only one answer to that, obviously. I heard a review of Hall’s career recently on the radio driving somewhere – something that I had just got little isolated parts of hitherto. When you get some idea of it end to end he emerges as an astonishing player. I got some inkling of this from the duets with Bob Brookmeyer.

Chris talked a bit about suburban north east USA – Pittsburg, Philly, New Jersey -where he has been interviewing Indians who work on ICT. We used to see a lot of jazz together - Mrs C goes to the opera a lot with Chris's wife.

When Mrs C saw Mother Courage in the week they gaver out a copy of the play. I glanced at the introduction which gave me some idea of how the various bits together - for example the one that David Bowie did on TV about 25 years ago, the ones with Weil, then MC. Hollywood and his return to the East.

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