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2006-10-02 - 8:02 a.m.

I have just finished a 59 second video effort - maybe called flat surfaces. The track features flutes in 3 and 4 line harmony and two softsynths quite heavily modulated. The video elements are from stock and features a view of the street where I live - crossing that street . The music was written yesterday after I got back from theancient seat of leaning.

To anyone hearing the music it would come as no shock that I have been thinking about Ravel and I think maybe with the visuals there is some connection with the idea of styles of music being linked to ideas of how the subject constructs itself in the world - like in p-lunaire The elements of the visuals are just an image of the subject and a familiar bit of its world.

One of the big bits of learning from 10 Short Stories is that when you bring words to original music and images , a little goes a long way. You can get a great deal of mileage from a few words or even symbols - this is not a very new idea as these symbols have been floating around artwork for a few decades. The software that lets you assemble material so easily is new-ish not least as a give-away.

The music has been assembled using the technique that I arrived at in 10 SS with a newer idea on the making of the flute core - which start from a line which reflects the way I warmed up for the Corpus gig - the arpeggio devices . Also the re is the ability in software to make the flute lower than it is naturally. There was an alto flute in Lady Macbeth - I wasn’t sure that I had seen one before in Shostakovich.

I have saved it as a wmv. Or I trust I have.

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