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2006-09-20 - 3:48 p.m.

I found a really good free minute of that Jobim tune we played in Cambridge – track two here:


Ron Carter fresh from the 2nd great MD5tet, a young Chick Corea plus Grady Tate. Corea is doing the H Hancock harmonic-stretch which spices it up very well and provokes the soloist.

I realised just in time that I was due at a lunchtime meeting in Central Birmingham. Just as well I remembered as there was a presentation from a woman from WWK U which was up my street – about product development networks. It even included something about Actor Network Theory which has absolutely made my week. There was also a presentation on sources of funding for innovation, including several sources that I wasn’t aware of including funding innovation in smaller companies which may be to our advantage. I have spent some time trying to get colleagues enthused on this.

It looks as if I may get an invitation to masquerade as a technical expert in Valencia in November – fingers crossed. I have never ever been to Spain although I did spend the latter part of the 80s in a Sadana band . This is spanish street dance music which occurs in Valencia, I believe. There is a distinctive band repertoire for the dance and someone convened a band as an evening class in South London. It was about 16 or 17 musicians and got quite interesting gigs at fetes, in Covent Garden and at comedy clubs. Playing in this band kept my hand in until the arrival of electronic technology in the form of a Commodore Amiga about 1989.

I see that Wikipedia has a page devoted to Teijo Kinnunen who wrote amazing sound software for the Amiga – he deserves it. The article points out how much complexity this software permitted in music construction. Someone has ported this software to windows and you can download it from here:


I have played around with the synth included in the software which allows you to do realtime graphical changes to the wave-form.

I bought Modern Times in the supermarket on Monday evening – it draws you in I must say.

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