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2006-09-01 - 5:55 p.m.

James is in Crimea this weekend. Laurence also finds the prospect of Yalta in November intriguing – a real adventure. I printed off one of Siebert’s courses and read it through last night in the pub – what fun they must have Western Michigan University with this stuff. Have been listening to Shostakovitch SQs 4 6 & 8 on the way to work. Why Dresden one might ask within this general drift?

Lots more work on niche vehicles – who would have thought there was so much in the subject, including yesterday’s news about Aston Martin. I have been looking at the kit-car arena, very much a world of its own. Various calls for new cuts at the subject which will keep me busy next week. I set out to make the subject my own starting with an article for an EC-funded study and so I can’t really complain.

I came across a good summary of all the car brands which were launched in Coventry last century – a massive number in the 20 years after 1896 when the first ever motor manufacture in the UK started in the city. Prior to this the city was a leading maufacturer of clocks and watches which I think may have developed out of textile machinery. It was the biggest city for miles around in medieval times. I met Ian from their business development unit today and I noticed that Godiva was on his business card. In my world Godiva relates to Meriden and the navel of England – a more benign take on Wevelsburg – this is Siebert territory.

Mailed PW about Clive Carroll whom Keith drew to my attention as a protégé of John Renbourn – must remember to ask Charlie Alexander about him tomorrow.

Listened to the Rattle band at the proms - the matthews orchestrations of debussy preludes were pretty provocative - what is the difference between this 'impressionism' and parallel expressionist music?

Then for me the surprise of the Moz Gm symphony - and the even greater surprise of Rosen's judgement - in his corruption of sentimental values, Moz is a subversive artist. And a dangerous one, might be the next observation.

I have gone back to Strickland's book on Minimalsim - that too is magnificent.

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