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2006-07-18 - 9:36 p.m.

I have been reading the 2nd edition of Imacís book about Shostakovich especially what he has to say on the late string quartets - wondering how far his account of the emotional landscape which they portray might apply to Pink Moon and the 5 last songs. With the anniversary celebrations I have got to hear sqs 1 and 7 at the Barber from the Kopelman and 3 from the Tackacs at the Pittville - also 6 and 11 from the Jerusalem at the Pump Rooms in Bath. Also on CD, 4 6 and 8 from St Petersburg and 12,13 and 14 from the Shotsakovich.

I have been impressed by the way that Imac surfaced questions about how music means in this his first book - by considering the varying degree of authenticity in the different 4tets. For instance, low authenticity in sq 6 - even more than in 1 and 4. Purity in 7 - deception in 3.

Parallel with this I have been keeping up the Adorno - especially Minima Moralia and latterly the Philosophy of the New Music. You could pitch Imacís view that all music is programme music against Adornoís commitment to the 2nd Viennese School and you can certainly give an account of Pink Moon from Minima Moralia - an account of what the liver believes to be a damaged life.

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