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2005-10-28 - 6:37 a.m.

Vita is back from NYC, Yvonne is back from Naples - I am back from Oxford where I had lunch with Laurence and then went onto Oxford Brookes (which was not where I expected it to be.) OB has a technology site which is some way outside the town just off the A40 on the way to London. The event was a launch of a new engineering and technology building which will include a Motorsport element. Rob from Formula Schools was there - he had come in his red 1932 Raleigh two seater. I met some of the engineering staff and chatted about programme management and knowledge management as they effect Formula Student. Oxford Brookes have won Formula Student several years running and will be racing in the USA this year.

(This year Alan’s team at Hertfordshire won the event in the UK.) The Auto Academy bought one of Hertfordshire’s earlier cars and modified it for their first year entry - they used Peter’s knowledge management software and won a prize for quality of communication.)

Laurence and I talked a bit about supply chain management and also about his new interest in corporate social responsibility - also about how Ben’s band is going and how Flora’s band is going. Flora now has a job at the modern art museum in Oxford. Flora’s boyfriend who is the singer in the band has a 21st party this Friday and Ben’s band will be playing at it - which is quite a big deal.

Earlier in the day I had met up with Steve at the Starbucks outside Leamington and identified the next surveys to be constructed - also some of the final work to be done on the Greenpower survey. Greepower, Formula Student and Formula Schools are all part of the Learning Grid - one of my current contracts is getting the knowledge management started on the Learning Grid. Indeed since the conversation I have pressed on with digging into the Greenpower data - isolating a subset of participants with an odd contribution of attitudes and also unearthing some research on the attitudes of teachers to engineering. I find it easy to get absorbed in this stuff - and indeed quite hard to switch to other topics.

Gilbert has put me in touch with someone at his label who seems to want to do an interview. Paul mailed about Russian attitudes to slavs - I passed this onto James.

There’s a piece that I have recorded out of Making Waves that has rather caught my attention - I have been just spinning the stuff out for about a week and forgetting about it.

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