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2005-10-17 - 7:21 a.m.

Mrs C and I walked north along the Wey Navigation from the outskirts of Guidford as it slips round Sutton Place - a Henry VIII building that for several decades was owned by J Paul Getty. The Wey flood plane hasnít been built on and so the area looks very rural. Road noise from the A3 spoils the illusion a bit but after a bit that recedes. Saturday evening we watched the Third Man.

Sunday was the Greenpower final at Goodwood. I drove down via Petworth and then up over the South Downs - mist adding extra atmosphere on the top of the downs. On the way I managed to have a few ideas about how we might use software to share our emerging conclusions. All sorts of people at were finals - Francis, Capt Peter, Steve, Betty plus. Some of the students from Hertfordshire were using the questionnaire that Steve and I developed and collecting the data and assembling it in a spreadsheet. I fixed up with Capt P to go down to Balham and work out how we can used his system to handle the material next Friday.

I drove back up over the South Downs by a different route to Petersfield and then west over what might be called the West Downs but arent to Winchester on the famous A 272 - a road which has its own book. Just outside Winchester there is a high section which has great views North and West over the chalk. Then down onto the A34 going North over the chalk to the Berkshire Downs and the Rideway as the darkness fell and the weather got really bad. Then there were roadworks just north of Oxford.so I stopped off at the Wharf Inn on the Oxford Canal for a rest and a pint of London Pride.

In the bar I read through FAMís Extreme Bodies and the Kunst article that I stuffed in the book about a month ago - about the factors that might be driving the use of artistĎs bodies in art. I left this area while I was waiting for the Danto book on disturbatory art to arrive.

Andrew mailed about Op19 - and Laurence txted about Dylan and an art exhibition in Oxford.

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