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2005-10-06 - 9:32 a.m.

I am having a fair amount of difficulty getting going in the morning - so much so that I missed a meeting yesterday. Not disastrous but obviously there’s a limit. Tuesday’s meeting is seen as a success though - just as well as it is an avenue that I have been developing for about two and a half years. I passed some market-size data onto the Mikes in the wake of some of the issues that came up at Easton.

I did a bit of digging on the latest developments in the big pitch and found a couple of good announcements which I passed onto colleagues. I bumped into David M who suggested I might like to go Magdeburg next week - a visit to former East Germany would be good but its rather short notice. I sounded him out on my firm size distribution finding for the West Midlands and decided I might dig deeper there. I caught up with Steve who is going to London tomorrow for a series of meetings on the Learning Grid.

I have been reacting off some of the new material I acquired earlier in the week - esp the Taschen picture book of 50 female contemporary artists - esp those that I havent heard of. I have raided some websites and taken some of the photos eg from Vanessa Beecroft performances. On the GG DVD he refers to Scriabin’s eventual focus on a certain harmony - a specific 6 note chord. Effectively it’s a whole note scale with one of the notes lowered by a semitone - so mostly tone steps but one of a semitone and one of a minor third.

I thought about the inverse chord and scale - the one which is left from the set of 12 after the Scriabin 6 have been extracted. This chord - say after extracting the C Scriabin - is a Db 9 with a sharp 11th. The C Scriabin can be memorized as a D9 with a flat 13th - although you can also see it as C7 (less fifth) with a D triad floating over the top.

I have made a duet using the delay line and the Eelf to create 2 zones around each of the 6 note sets - and then put some Dhorn over the top. I have put this against an animation of some Beecroft stills - no words have yet suggested themselves.

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