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2005-09-12 - 7:20 a.m.

James has flown in from Moscow via Frankfurt from where his luggage went on somewhere else. He says the Mongolian desert was good also the Siberian science city. He loved being back in the craziness of Moscow - he went clubbing and says that Russian house music is on the up - we discussed whether there could be similarities between Moscow and Detroit.

We all went out for supper on Saturday night - the four of us - a The Stag On the River - just upriver on the Wey from Godalming. Classic Hux territory.

More reading about post-human theory. I have only just discovered that Fukuyama has fished in these waters. Having suggested that we have reached the end of history with the whole world settling on liberal democracy as the one best way (ermm or so he says), Fuk wrote more recently about the possibility that culture might progress on the basis of bio-science - something that he doesnít favour very much. Apparently Marylin Manson also has a few songs in this area.

E-mails from Tony R, Andrew K and Lizzy N - also some replies - some century-shaping.

It seems I am not the first to see a link between Deleuze and Judith Butlerís lesbian phallus - all within a post-human framework. I spent sometime looking at DLís idea of the body without organs esp a discussion on a site belonging to an academic who does work for the NHS. Organs speak of organization and organization limits the possibility of becoming. The body without organs is therefore more capable of becoming something new.

Judith Butler embraces this potential with her idea of the lesbian phallus because it suits her radical feminist agenda - but this is only one way of working with the bwo. Disturbatory artists may well be understood as working on the bwo - the idea of radical becoming is close to the idea of putting yourself into the work with transformatory intent.

The aspiration to self-transformation arises naturally from the kind of termination that Kierkegaard sees at the end of the aesthetic phase. Does the kind of transformation that has begun to shape artistic endeavour since the 1960s look to different goals from the ones that Kant, Hegel and Kierkegaard envisaged - is this inevitable after the Nazi catastrophe?

We took James back to Cambs and I wandered around Selwyn a bit - we looked at the new block which is just taking students - its opposite the house James was in last year. This year James is going to be on D staircase which is where I started - though not the same room - I was D6 and he is on the next floor. Brian Wells was on C. James' room wasnít ready and so he went into 25 Grange Rd - which is the house that I was meant to be in my last year except I never stayed there - something drew me to the side of Parkers Piece where Mark wd later set up shop. We had lunch on Kings Parade while Vita went round the shops.

I am ploughing on with the Plath bio - and have nearly finished a vid featuring Colossus - it uses a track from 2002 - quite ominous. I have bought Jamesí Pacifica off him and transported in back to Leantown.

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