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2005-08-23 - 10:36 a.m.

SoS2 n 3 in the two previous entries.

Portuguese tuna pate for lunch on Saturday with freshly cooked broadbeans, beetroot, tomato, spring onion, white bread and a glass of white sauvignon to help me recover from a much needed all over no 2 plus a fair amount of keybashing on SoS. The barber and I talked about Sicily - where he comes from and where Rob is going in a month’s time.

I was up early by my standards to get a copy of BNW and then I had a look at the 200 pound Casio with the virtual drawbars - its only a matter of time. It has great organ patches and pretty good acoustic and electric piano - everything else is bunce.

Then a few doors down I got Vwms string quartets, the classic Debussy orchestral pieces and the Grosse Fuge as a bulk discount. In Fopp I added a great Neil Young retro circa 69-70 for three pounds - Cowgirl in the Sand etc (hey hey my my - out of the blue into the black). This is what I call discworld. Also Mike Stern and Billy Cobham DVD from 1981

Fried a swordfish steak in Palestinian olive oil with lime and Thai green curry powder - on the money. Mike Stern and Billy Cobham DVD - also on the money. Stern went on to play with Miles and you can see why. He is playing a beaten up white Strat here - elements of Garcia to my ears. Mike Urbaniak plays both electric violin and early form Dhorn (lyricon?)- very well indeed.

In the afternoon I went to the Bascote flight of locks where the Grand Union is descending into the Avon valley - reading 20 pages of PW’s Perfumery - then I drove slightly towards Southam on the GU to that quirky pub at Itchington reading SP journals to some consequence - I just can’t understand how people say that reading the journals shows she’s barmy - it’s the opposite in my opinion.

At Bascote I discovered this uncanny GU phenomenon. You will appreciate that when a boat descends a lock then water flows downhill - a lockful of water is delivered to the next level. This means at the lock which steps from that lower level to the level lower than that - the next step down - a waterfall starts falls and then stops. If you are sitting by yourself at the lock reading suddenly the waterfall noise starts up. A kind of sound art.

Driving back across the Fosse Way descending into the Leam Valley just past Hunningham I came across an amazing three arch bridge over the river made of a mix of the white lias limestone and new red sandstone with a conveniently situated pub on one bank. I sat by the river - you could hear the trout going for flies. Took some more vid and stills and read about Deleuze and the body of sinners in that funny Italian book on physical extremism in art. It seems the bridge is medieval with a refurb in 1651.

Is it SoS or the fish that has disrupted my sleep pattern ? I slept for around 12 hours on Saturday night but only four on Sunday night.

The Hux-DHL plot is now very dense. I mailed Andrew K some excellent material from Texas and about the way DHL used phonograph, electromagnetic and relativistic imagery in his theoretical writing and I bought an e-copy of the book he wrote on the basis of his time on a ranch in New Mexico in the mid 20s. It looks as if Hux took some key passages straight across to BNW

There is a very precise link between this and Cambridge in the 50s - the time at which Leavis relaunched DHL as the humanist ideological centre for post war society - and ignored what to us post-60s - looks like the most prescient bits - the sort of material that O Stone took into his Morrison film for example. The links are quite tight eg with Morrison studying Artaud and film theory in the mid 60s in LA - the Artaud influenced conceptual theatre in Santa Monica etc. Leavis while acknowledging Huxley’s kindness seemed to think that Hux represented the kind of artistic decadence that the post war world could leave behind.

A copy of David Bradshaw’s Huxley Between the Wars arrived from San Francisco. Bradshaw is at Oxford and has a new Hux bio in the pipeline. In this book he strings together essays - three of his own looking at how Hux’s social thinking developed in the 20s and 30s and a lot of original Hux material - for example a transcript of a 1932 broadcast with Heard entitled Is Cruelty Out Of Date? Very Artaud.

One of the things that astonishes me about Hux since my own deep studies in the mid 70s is the way that things he predicted have come true since. The whole business of the reservation reminds me of the game parks in South Africa for example - a managed interface between civilization and wildness.

There’s an odd moment where Hux refers back to the ferocity of the Paris Commune - 60 years earlier - closer to him than we are to BNW.

With this kind of material SoS4 grows apace.

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