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2005-07-22 - 1:44 p.m.

Stranger and stranger.

We completed the output and results spreadsheet for the bid - just a matter of getting clear about the core assumptions - and doing the PDCA loop right. Keith seems to be feeling better abut the whole thing coming together. He got a text from his daughter in the City mid-afternoon which alerted us that something else was afoot on the terrorism front. Robin mailed on the same subject. Paul mailed about the end of his current assignment. I mailed Nick Brown about the 3 December concert.

Unearthed the following from an interview with Marcus Miller:

‘For more than twenty years, Miller enjoyed a musical relationship with R&B legend, Luther Vandross . "We met in '79 in Roberta Flack's band and instantly connected because we were both so serious about music," Miller recalls. Over the years, Miller contributed countless hits to Vandross's repertoire both as a producer and writer. Those songs include "Till My Baby Comes Home," "It's Over Now," "Any Love," "I'm Only Human" and "The Power of Love," which won Miller the 1991 Grammy for R&B Song of the Year. In 1986, Miller collaborated again with Miles Davis, producing the landmark Tutu album, the first of Davis three albums he would produce. He's also produced Al Jarreau, the Crusaders, Chaka Khan, and Wayne Shorter, among others.’

Quite a lot going on then.

Keith suggested that for services to the bid I should award myself a Thursday evening in the bar with the band round the corner from my flat - and so I dropped in to check whether they had something on. I discovered that the bar has a back garden which is over-looked by one of the flats I have been wondering about buying. I haven’t mentioned my investigations on this front before - and I am not sure that I have the energy to pursue any of the possibilities. This is part of the world where developers are always creating one or two bed opportunities in various purpose built or converted blocks. My guess is that one day some switch will flick and I will buy the nearest available set of cuboids with central heating within easy walking distance of that rather good fishmonger, the superb Oxfam bookshop and the Tescos. In the event I decided I was too tired to return later.

Various extra things I need to put in place before I disappear east on Sunday.

I woke up this morning and worked on a few stills - also on the instrumental piece that I started on Election Day - maybe destined to be a short story(2).

I checked the stats on KK - 3500 plays - 56% Serious Music, 20% Dhorn, 10% Plundafonix, 8% Lullabies , 3% Cleveland and 5% others

Angel in the Dark arrived from California - includes songs by Bacharach, Gershwin, Carole King, Rodgers&Hart and SmokeyRobinson.

There should be more venues for singer-songwriters - it would cheer everyone up. See you in a fortnight.

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