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2005-07-20 - 12:34 p.m.

Excited about the prospect of more collaboration with Gilbert and already thinking about some structures we can tackle. In particular I am working on six note chords - which are themselves virtually scales - cycles of chords from the same scale and sequences of scale zones. This approach is defined by Bill Evans in the Kind of Blue note. The current work is simply round the clock in harmonic terms - getting sharper - dwelling on F minor and C sharp minor - but also a visit to A minor. I am also thinking of configuring the same tone centres within a blues structure. Listening to various bits that have appeared over the last 6 months - for example the one called ‘Making and Forgetting’ which almost lived up to its name.

A dialogue is starting with Ren in LA about Pasolini and ND. I mentioned Mark P’s insight about Kafka

Met Steve at the Starbucks in the out of town Sainsburys for breakfast gossip to psyche ourselves up for the MDB show - discussed the bid. Carrot cake for breakfast - Tuppelo Honey playing. Then off to Stoneleigh for the meeting that lasted all morning but got to the right place in the end. I did use the concept of the project ’failzone’ - at one stage I thought I wouldn’t - but it seemed to go down alright.

Back in the office after lunch PW had mailed with a thumbs up for the 10SS. Worked on the bid and then a bit of follow-on motorsport business showed up which I took at a run .

Watched the Thin Lizzy Sydney vid again - they are archetypal - and they span the punk chasm effortlessly - they can obviously play very well indeed - the songs are fast and snappy and create a mythic world of Dublin backstreets and lost romance. They have the standard set of competence for a successful rock band and a whole lot of extras too - no least the ability of the two leads to blend and contrast - Moore from expressionist blues and Gorham from Garcia.

Tired so I went to bed. Woke up got outtabed - looked at the 10SS - OK - and then played around more with the scale zone concept. Sorted out some washing. Went to the doctors. Nasty business at the Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton.

Listened to Ms Denny doing two JCF songs - Milk and Honey & You Never Wanted Me in 1967 - pre Fairports. It was recorded in March 67 and has Cliff Aungier on it too - I did a BBC session with him tw years later. Sandy and JCF were romantically attached in 1966, I think. Anyway the Milk & Honey is a stunner - I did this song with Dorris H at the Albert Hall in early 68. Picked up this month’s Jazzwise - very good review of the three jazz folk albums of Donovan - which makes the case for their pioneering importance.

There s also a first rate interview with Wayne Shorter which is worth four pounds of anyone’s money plus a discussion of the discovery of the first ever recording of Coltrane with Miles which has only just resurfaced.

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