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2005-07-15 - 1:52 p.m.

The bid lurches on. I expect its going to be one of those things where you think you have done it and then someone asks for a whole lot of new material - or the existing stuff to be rewritten from a different angle. At least we have now got some really good professional help in on the project - this could make all the difference. The documents have to be in by next Friday.

I have been listening to PWís second CD - Sea changes - also Robinís Water Falls Down. Lots of new angles appearing from this material.

Last night as I parked the car about 11.00pm I heard sounds of music and discovered that a cellar bar round the corner had a band in - WM rock n blues - Sabbath, Doors, C Berry. I spoke to the lead guitarist after the set - I couldnít place his guitar. It turned out to be a Mexican Strat with modified bridge and neck pick-ups - into a modern 50 watt german valve amp that I hadnít heard of - all from a music shop in Leicester which demands investigation.

I spent the evening on the banks of the Avon with Paul Bell in the garden of the training centre he is using to improve the communications capabilities of his bright young things. One of them was from Michigan and we had a bit of a debate about the early musical career of Iggy Pop - whether he had originally played in a Chicago-based band before joining one in Ann Arbour. Talked about literary theory esp queer theory - also about poets of our common acquaintance - also about bands we had both been in - girls we used to know etc.

CD of the United States of America has arrived from Germany - also a book on leading new product development - looks powerful.

Need to plan my journey down to the D Graham, M Pavey, G Isbin gig at the Bush tonight - esp around the London rush hour.

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