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2005-07-13 - 8:20 a.m.

Woke up got outta bed - in the office before 8.00am - made some changes to the Motorsport Strategy Review Board Paper - in its final beautiful form (with Annexes) and sent it off to the main MS office. Remembered there was something very important I had to do and did it. Jumped in the car and went off up the M42 and then Watling St and A 38 over the River Dove flowing off the Carboniferous Limestone to the main Toyota plant in the UK and got there just in time for lunch. Realized that they do the same spooky vibe in Derby that they do in central Tokyo - nothing lost in translation. Come on everybody do the globalization.

Spoke to Jeff , head of technical training in Ford UK ,and picked up some useful stuff about the role of Bradford U in their management development strategy. Showed some leg on the Learning Grid which Francis and Steve are pitching tomorrow. Also spoke to Warwick(BMW) about learning modes - he maintains that improvement capability only makes sense when it is adjectival on some more substantial capability - not sure I agree but it’s a good idea. - nicely metaphysical . Talked to Bill about the pleasant evening at St Anne’s with SKOPE and mentioned having subsequently met Cathy’s friend who is researching heavy ammonia there. (The two used to have a SQ in the good old days. Cathy‘s mum is working with Steve on the Learning Grid)

Made a nuisance of myself in the Auto Academy Curriculum Strategy Group and drove back to the office down the M6 toll (good with MJB) to compound the felony. It looks like the business with Warwick U has come home - loud cheers - this will build the portfolio nicely. Finished off the tuna which tasted ok cold - white Burgundy still fits.

Negotiated with Mrs C about copying her recently completed thesis on Problem-Based Learning to Capt P. Mice-Beefheart Jordan very much gave the thumbs up. I am hoping that this will provoke Capt P into thoughts on how to evaluate the contribution of the OIM system to the marketing presentation success of the Academy grads at the Formula Student event at the weekend.

Mrs C and I discussed James getting on well in St Petersburg. I can reveal that today (13.7) being her birthday I have mailed her a set of postcards of Old St Petersburg and checked that the package has arrived . Package also contains a hardback first edition on the life of Gilbert and George (with paper cover) which I will certainly put to good use if she doesn’t like it.

I discovered the Carnegie-Mellon have extended their capability index to a 700 page spec about human behaviour in organizations - this could be a serious asset - and copied 30 pages from Level 3 for Steve with (hopefully) amusing marginal comments. Tomorrow it’s a switch to the company’s looming mega pitch which seems to be focusing people’s ideas nicely. Stefan and I discussed inversion technique as a creative problem solving approach.

Printed off the Massachusetts vision of how the regional DNA of global competitiveness works - if we link that to the C-M metrics we could be onto something.

This morning the thought came that if the 10SS are to be AV then the same logic applies to four 5ths - would I get away with using the Milena texts? Mark’s insight of the ND-Kafka cross-over seems better and better. Discussed Cohen-Vega with Robin - also the apparent LA interest in PW. Watched Meths with Miss M - a bit further north in Ca - also Jaco, of course. Then Talking Heads in SF 6 years later directed by J Demme and shot on 6 cameras - wondered whether Heaven anticipates REM.

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