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2005-06-30 - 4:17 p.m.

Another massive storm yesterday evening as I drove home - just like previous evening - almost like being on Skye .

I was feeling quite tired when I got in and collapsed in a heap until the ten o clock news. Then the Frieda Kahlo programme - an early pioneer in identity art - and a bit of a go-er?

Chris drove up from Windsor and took me out to lunch - mainly a business agenda - but we also talked about his wife’s business in leadership development - and also about music. Chris and his wife still do the odd gig - and in the mid 60s e was in quite a successful RnB band. On the way back we stopped off at Temple Balsall - the Da Vinci code cropped in conversation and so I thought it would be worth glancing at where the Templars actually had a place in the Forest of Arden on the banks of the River Blythe.

I finished off my motorsport report and sent it round for discussion on Friday - also did some more work on the regional manufacturing strategy. The region faces some very severe challenges - the sector doesn’t compare very well regionally with other areas even though manufacturing is particularly important within the regional economy. Leadership has been selected as a prority skills issue in the regional economic strategy. We have been wanting to get involved in this area of work for some while.

I see they have relaunched the civil service again - no one else seems to have noticed. There is also a new national leadership website at www.leadersuk.gov. Who wants to lead a suck, guv? I expect the original leadasuckguv URL was already taken by some wildly profitable dutch service. On well no accounting for taste - maybe its something to do with Judith Butler and Queer Theory and the drive to be more inclusive?

Glad to see that public sector governance isn't just playing the same old tune on the same old instruments. Despite this I recognized a familiar face from the past on the URL and sent off e-m accordingly.

On second thoughts maybe it’s a bit more of the same old spin - anything that links Turnbull with social capital and trust looks a bit queer to me.

E-mails with Capt Peter and Paul W about future developments for the KK site including trying to get a stonger link with Sourias S. Peter is working a lot in Lincolnshire at the moment which means very early starts. Paul mailed about an excellent club in Brighton - solo cello with echoplex, singer-songwriter with bizarre props eg fireworks to mark high notes. Sounds a bit like Cabaret Voltaire - and great fun too- is there an equivalent in this region, I wonder?

The S Vega CD arrived.

I have been thinking about 4 centred chord progressions - C Eb Gb A - and mixing them with 3 centred ones. Maybe:

Cmaj7 Eb13 Abmaj7 B17 Emaj7 Gb 13 Bmaj7 Db13 - using Chinese Duosonic.

To Oxford this evening to hear Vgn Wms/Houseman in St Mary the Virgin..

On the Turnbull front I came across this in Peter Hennessy's lecture on Blair Butler Cabinet Govt and War. R Wilson is Turnbull's predecessor:.

'Richard Wilson specifically endorsed Robin Butler’s conclusion about the dangers of informality and circumscription, while recognising that:.

‘Different Prime ministers have different ways of doing business and there is no "right" way of running a Government. It is quite possible to reconcile due process with an informal style. But the risk is that informality can slide into something more fluid and unstructured, where advice and dissent may either not always be offered or else may not be heard. This is certainly a matter which engages collective responsibility. Prime Ministers are only as powerful as their colleagues allow them to be.’

We all speak mandarin?

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