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2005-06-25 - 1:07 p.m.

A long review meeting - lasted most of the day - drew some good threads out.

I tried to check ‘moivre’ but only found a protestant Fr mathematician who was friends with Newton. I was charmed to see he hung out in a coffee house in St Martins Lane and was buried in St Martin in the Fields. I have a long piece about the history of SML and this could be a useful extra layer - besides the Downliners Sect in Gt Neuport St in 1963 etc.

De Moivre’s theorem is about sin and cos and the imaginary ‘I’ and the power n - it’s a piece of work. It links trigonometry and algebra. So it steps forward from Descartes linking algebra and geometry. DM also discovered an early version of the law of large numbers - the notion that the sum of a large number of random variables is normally distributed.

I was intrigued and read on and went to the log normal distribution which is often used for financial phenomena - where there is multiplication no addition.

But then discovered that Mandelbrot has a new idea in this area. He suggested that some of these economic phenomena are not lognormal. In share price movements there are more extremes than lognormal allows. So you get more small price movements and more large price movements. This arises because the assumption of independence between individual items doesn’t hold.

Mandlebrot discovered the eponymous set and also fractals - dimensions which are not integers. And then I discovered that its hard to define fractal because its hard to define dimension. This is a great result - it means we cannot e sure how many dimensions there are because we cannot be sure whether some ordering is a dimension or not. Mandlebrot is an originator of chaos theory - which you can spell xaos. All v useful findings which I can put to good effect elsewhere.

All so exciting that I stopped at the Saxon Mill on the way home - the atmosphere was dramatic and sultry as it should be after the solstice - that Berg excess of feeling that dissolves the entity which undergoes the sensation.

I looked at some of the vids I have been churning out - I remember the visuals but not the music - strange how you can create a track and in half a week it can be a stranger.

Last week at this time I played at Lewis’s church - I have been turning the experience over in my mind - esp in the light of Wednesday at Wwk.

I have been reading an article on Habermas and aesthetics. Habermas doesn’t have a single theory - but at one stage he explores the idea that the coffee house may have been an aesthetic community. With De Moivre it was a mathematical community - but not far away it was a musical community a few centuries later - in Greek St. I was so struck by this idea that I sent the article to Mark as another Les Cousins item.

The thing about the Wwk was that it was a diverse community clustered round the chansonnier - but they were open minded enough to go for the support act that they had never heard before. I chatted a bit to the people next to me - 2 men who work on IT systems for an oil company on the business park - working away from home. In front of us were 4 girls who must have been younger than 15 out by themselves- and we wondered what this youngest generation might find in the songs of a woman 30 years older. Couldn’t help thinking of being 17 and hearing Judy Collins sing Weill. So can a chansonnier even today be some sort of centre of feeling and communication that reaches across barriers?

I thought today I might write : The Sublime of the Small: More about Pink Moon.

Sent Paul W an extract from a W Shorter interview about why he likes to work with Ms Mitchell. Derek mailed about Caro and Dali.

Watching J Martyn in Dublin.

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