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2005-06-23 - 4:10 a.m.

Drove down the Berkswell Bear to read some more Habermas commentary - then continued east to Warwick Arts Centre to buy a S Vega ticket for tomorrow night. The bookshop was open so I picked up a commentary on Kant’s aesthetic philosophy, an introduction to discourse theory plus Eagleton’s second thoughts. Then upstairs to good exhibition on US kinetic artist Liliane Lijn - especially enjoyed the vid with the electronic soundtrack circa 1972. Need I say more. LL worked with Klein and Corso in Paris - quite similar ideas to the minimalists but with a sweet twist.

Read some Kant over a glass of chilled white in Wwk bar - the bit about the sublime. The thing about the sublime is that it is contingent but it comes on as if it was necessary. That was Nico’s masterstroke (pos misnomer?) - mistress- thrust? (pos worse) Is R Man sublime - yes or no? But what are the attributes that mean that we cannot but see it thus? Did K anticipate these components of the sublime?

Drafted the motorsport book contents page and sent it off. . Larry mailed and Paul W about the character of the time - also about M Douglas - grid and group - and BBC4 on Fr actresses. Pretty stuck on M J Blige.

I have been cranking out the vids the last week or so - sent some to Captain Peter. I picked up a CD of warlike sounds and took some 16 inch naval gunfire as the basis of a piece . Also did a piece with Dhorn and organ.

Looked up Derek’s new book. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/190379613X/qid%3D1119383604/202-3330627-9852664 Asked Vita if it might interest her? Derek still has letters I wrote him in the wake of meeting Nick - when he was in the same class as F Mercury at Ealing - he still hasn’t shown me - have to confess to curiosity. I said to Paul that there is a risk of the illusion of totality - he has a line in one of the Ghosts songs - Love Is Frightening t- hat cautions against this illusion.

Before I played in Lewis’ church on Friday I slipped into the pub next door and got talking to someone who liked my jacket who turned out to be a guitarist. We had a similar taste in middle price guitars - U2 and Pacifica - although his root style is about 15 years younger than mine. Its about time the U2 had a service.

Read some of the discourse theory on feminism. One view would be that the feminist work in the 80s took Foucault forward. Another view would be that Deleuze took another equally valid direction from F. However Butler and Queer theory look important on either count - Derek‘s photos are centrally placed on both scores. I must remember that all subjects are not bourgeois subjects. This might be another link between Hesse Plath and Drake - that they eat away at the bourgeois subject from the inside - as Miles does with his later MfV

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