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2005-06-14 - 11:04 p.m.

I left Guildford at 7.00am this morning and went round the M25 through the jams to the M40. Last night was the Vann concert about which maybe more later. On the drive I discovered I have a remix of the Nora Jones Day is Done on a remix Blue Note CD I got in FOPP a few weeks back . Keith is away and holiday. Steve and Francis were lunching in the office.

I was sketching Drake-biz at the weekend. I mentioned last week that there is a Plath-Hesse comparison issue - should the comparison get made at all? Wagner in her discussion of Hesse majors on the relationship with her husband - not at all correct. Hesseís work can be seen as a reflection of her fragile grip on existence and there is plenty of journal material to this effect. The existential issues that arise between Hesse and her husband could illuminate some Drake perspectives - and this might be a better network in which to consider any sidelights SP might throw. The ND-SP axis that I have thought about most concerns the post-Muse fem imago - a tricky subject to handle. The strategy sketched above might avoid this difficult area.

Sorely tempted by by Lenny Kaye, Johnny Marr, Robyn Hitchcock, Roy Harper, Bert Jansch, Robin and Bina Williamson, Patti Smith at the Meltdown on Friday week. A large canvas in a large venue.

Listened & watched Beethovenís 5th on BBC on Saturday night - strange familiarity - obviously itís the most familiar symphony but I heard it both in the light of the recent dramadoc and also having played it endlessly in the school orchestra - something I havent thought about for many years. Then of course the soul show and its oversimplifications in terms of the 80s. Fortunately BBC4 restored some of the balance with stunning Prince concert from 1987.

Though of new chord on gtr - from the open bottom string E Bb Eb Ab C G - might resolve into B minor - and a close cousin G# D G C B E - also a Dmaj7 with a E and Bb underneath.- what are they going to yield?

My sister gave me a CD of early Weill works performed by the London Sinfonietta - including the 1924 Concerto for Violin and Wind Orchestra, Mahoganny Suite and the 3d Opera. All very compelling - MS is the one with the Doors whisky bar song.

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