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2005-06-10 - 1:17 a.m.

Possible siting of berks at berkswell as I sat in the Bear Garden - truly - and read Wagner on Krasner - an interesting tale of Mrs J Pollock. Krasner seems to have been ambivalent - as the widow Pollock she had to look after the archive which rocketed in price as time went by - but she also naturally wanted to pursue her own artistic exploration and get some recognition. Wrote letter enclosing cheque to JJJ at Hoggs who is not enjoying exams.

At the end of the RKCS there is an excellent Chapter on the echo of Minimalism in the 90s. Roughly the story seems to be that in the late 60s there was a generation who followed the Min-pioneers and took their ideas in a personal direction - both in terms of the body and the psychological interior. In the rough and tumble of art movements they tended to get forgotten but were picked up by a wing of Britart in the 90s who went further in the same direction. I have a clear interest in this pattern in terms of following the same logic in musical terms . The next Ch refers to a US black fem artist who teaches Kant. Immediately ordered her collected papers 2nd hand on Amazon. Mailed Laurence about her and he replied equally astonished given that she had studied with Lís fave philosophe - J Rawls.

Talked to Steve about his work at Cardiff. Found some good product development material on a US website and bounced some of it off Alan at Hertfordshire U - he has come back with some very interesting thoughts in reply. Recycled these thoughts to Bill in respect of a looming finale for the big project.

Met Mrs C in Leantown and we went to the Saxon Mill for a drink then a quick tour round Abbey Fields in Kenilworth. Stopped at the Wrensketch church in Honiley - which was open at 8.00pm and then supper at the nearby Tipperary. On the way back looked at Temple Balsall and Packwood House. She is in the area for the last study day at Birmingham U on her qualification for teaching visually impaired pupils.

Thought more about the Krasner situation - she tried to stick to a consistent line in what she said about JP. Gradually a mythos grew around Mr and Mrs JP in terms of the contrast between her East Coast control and his lower class impulsiveness. But its hard to validate the truth of this imagery - is it reality or social projection?

I think now may be the time to reengage with Prof Tsoukasí excellent book, Complex Knowledge. Weather too good to sit in an unairconditioned office.

17 days for Markís friend Stephen to be unconscious seems such a long time.

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