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2005-05-24 - 10:03 p.m.

I woke up this morning - who knows if I had been dreaming. I recorded some music. I put the music on a film. The film got even dirtier. I put some words on the film - it became culture. The words are by Sappho - discoverer of the plectrum. In this poem she wants to use her plectrum to scratch out the eyes of some other girl. So itís the history of riotgrrl rock as well. It has that identity thing. Last night I read half aloud A Poem Should Not Mean But Me. That makes it even more like riotgrrl culture. I blame chemicals - and the weather. Itís the two together - that and the Merlot and the steak. Probably gave me weird dreams.

I got some house mag from Hoggs - it said some applications ratio was higher for philosophy than computer science and they sounded surprised. Apparently the undergrads have started the Amoral Sciences Club. Thank god culture is not dead.

I use the Carson translation of Sappho - if I was C I would start my own brand plectrum business - only for grrls. Plectrums with that identity thing and very sharp edges.

Billie was a poet Sappho was a real musician Frieda sold amplifiers.

I have been invited to perform at a farewell concert in the Carroll Church in Gfd. They suggest flute but I will do guitar - using by fingers - I will plug it in nonetheless. Possibly the piece will be after a poem by Totton.

Going by Lewisís church in the (so called) city.

I have found the page where D&G mention LmY - they also have a score extract by D Tudor. No wonder people want to study this stuff.

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