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2005-05-18 - 2:39 a.m.

Did a show at Silverstone yesterday - it could have gone better - but at least some more paid work has come out of it. I drove down there via the M40 and then back to the office via the M1 and M6 retracing my steps from the night before when I drove from Bromley to Leamington via the Thames Tunnel and the M1.

I had been in Bromley for Richard and Belindaís garden party where I meet Root also from Principal Edwards and had a good chat about abstract photography touching on Greenberg. RnBís garden is amazing especially when it has 5 violinists in it. I talked to R about AV software which is a developing interest and sneaked a look at his studio. I see he has a red strat up there.

Earlier in the day I had bumped into Ciaran and he told me about the latest state with
http://www.theraceagainsttime.com/ . I mentioned the plans for Hughes Hall on 3 December 2005. My KK News is syndicated to RAT site. My boss is just back from South Africa.

Saturday night was Vitaís birthday party. We went out to the cinema to see A Good Woman which I can recommend. They were still making a racket by the time we got back.

I liked the article in the Guardian by M Collings about R Kraussís new book. This is how it is promoted:

ĎIn this groundbreaking and original work of scholarship, four of the most influential and provocative art historians of our time have come together to provide a comprehensive history of art in the 20th and 21s centuries, an age when artists have sought constantly to overturn the traditions of the past and expectations of the present in order to invent new practices and forms. Adopting an innovative year-by-year approach, Foster, Krauss, Bois and Buchloh present more than one hundred short essays, each focusing on a crucial event - such as the creation of a seminal work, the publication of an artistic manifesto, or the opening of a major exhibition - to tell the story of the dazzling diversity of practice and interpretation that characterized the art of the period.í

Collings gave them a going-over for sponsoring contemporary art which is plonkingly concerned with identity at the expense of other values. Quite right too - esp if the system or process metaphors arenít up to scratch. Collings thinks there is too much art=text around. Its obvious that an art work isnít a text unless it wants to be.

Actually PW had a kind word to say about my use of text in the vids. I can tell you that that text isnít just text.

Talking of art and text - it was interesting on Friday night to hear HORN used to back up a reading from a modern novel about 9-11 etc on Newsnightpseuds. So - you might ask given that HORN is the anterior reference - the piece about the new was offered against an expectation that people would say - ah yes thatís the instrumental off Pink Moon - what was the system metaphor that was being offered? What about the HORN-process was meant to engage with this strange bit of modern fiction?

On the way back from Silverstone I stopped for a bite on the Coal Measures NW of Coventry and picked up 3 Cds from the BBC of diaries from the period 46-48. Started to process them into the latest vid last night. A bit about going to the Beaverbrook exhibition of atrocities - atrocity exhibition indeed.

Had difficulty getting started this morning and missed a budget meeting which I wasnít invited to anyway. Since my income profile is good and I have started to farm out work I donít have to care.

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