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2005-05-11 - 9:07 a.m.

Oh dear my head hurts. Better not listen to Jackson Browne banging on anymore. Better get more sleep tonight. Today Vita is 17.

This is not a case of too much structure mapping - itís a matter of too much earning an honest penny in the last two days. No grounds to complain - lucky to get the chance etc - and of course the customer expects to see value. Also - both projects seem to have made some progress - I have to present to the full Board on Monday at Silverstone which will make an interesting change.

It looks as if we are about to embark on a five months launch project - again its good for the commercial objectives - but - we know what projects like this are like - we write about how difficult they are. And so we can see that there is no alternative but jump on the escalator with a hard hat on.

Paul mailed about the vids - at least they work. He seems to like the more abstract treatments. I filmed some of Kenilworth churchyard last night.

I have also been advising the profs in advance of their trip to Detroit. The Us auto industry is in a very unstable state - which makes it interesting to study. There is the contrast between what is happening in Michigan and Ohio compared with what is happened in Kentucky and the southern states. And Toyota is playing a very considered game in the US - not going for the kill - very artful. Cultivating deeper relationships with different facets of US society.

Lots of fun at the Department of Productivity Energy and whatever. Apparently someone has found a way of getting it to spell penis as an acronym.

I havent had a chance to say how much I enjoyed Roegís film Bad Timing on Friday night. It is one of a series of astonishing films that he made starting with Performance then Walkabout and Donít Look Now and then the Man Who Fell To Earth. It was through that film that I first got a purchase on solo Keith Jarrett - which sounds so right in that context. Some people might think its depraved - metaphysical is a better expression I think.

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