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2005-05-07 - 4:24 a.m.

Felt ropey when I woke but I managed to get out to meet Steve at the station for the trip to Cardiff. We went down the M5 and then across under the Malverns to the Wye and then the Usk valley and down to the M4. We stopped at a Little Chef to sort out our angle and I began to feel a bit more human after a strawberry yoghurt.

We met David and Phil at the Sociology faculty (amazing Edwardian building) and had a chat over a coffee before going down to the Hilton for lunch. It was pretty good fun. The profs had not long been to DC and we talked a bit about the way that the US had changed its attitude to manufacturing and globalisation in the last 6 years or so. We also looked at the auto companies that they are planning in the near future and made some offers of help on various aspects. Somewhere in the middle of all of this we managed to slip the pitch in.

I have pulled together a quantity of material for the profs and mailed it off. I have also mailed Jeremy in Detroit to see if he can fix something for their visit to Detroit at the end of the month - bit of a long shot but worth a try. I like the way that the discussion on this project is pulling together various bits of research that I have squirreled away - from LSE, Rolls Royce, MIT and Carnegie Mellon. I need to write this up while its still fresh in my mind to pitch at a couple of funding agencies.

I watched the election til about 3.00am - it all seemed strangely logical - woke about about 7.30 am and it was still the same story. The next important stage will be who gets what ministry and esp if there is going to be any machinery of government changes. There was a quirky result in the constituency where the firm is located - part of the formation of a Lib Dem eastern perimeter to Birmingham. Warwick and Leamington just stayed Labour against the Conservatives and Kenilworth went to the Conservatives. Gfd was equally close with the Conservatives just beating Lib Dem - part of the general shift right in the South East. The Lib Dem Surrey cluster seems to have disappeared.

Paul mailed to see that he had got WMA CDROM.

The next burst of activity is on motorsport - someone to see this afternoon - plus 2 events on Tuesday. I made some progress on the more important of these - a proposal for how the three main players could agree on what their mutual relationship is - this would be a hook on which we can hang a lot of other material.

Meanwhile festering away at the back of my mind is a piece and an article.

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