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2005-04-27 - 11:03 p.m.

Overslept again – and then when I got up I thought of a chord F A Eb Ab Db Gb – it is a fourth chord and an expanded dominant. It slips in after Dmaj 7 on the way to Bbmaj7. And then I thought of a way of carrying on. Of course this made me very late. I got a taxi from the station. TheVFT Selected Poems had arrived – so I ordered Simon Reynolds new book on post-punk. (Late Miles did a Scritti Politti cover)

Initial VFT impressions v compelling – but perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. She says that the poems are about being engaged in a certain activity in a certain place at a certain time. Also about using abstract ideas to make use of concrete experience. Cant say fairer than that.

(To be honest I would say the same about the vids – eg Strangers Always Play Themselves. I am wondering about a neologism – honiley – puff the magic dragon – wren’s sketch – like homily -overlooking Henry V’s Pleasurance.)

The bit-volume on KK in April may even beat last month. Cant seem to reach Captain P.
Paul mailed/chatted about the French – Delacroix, Grand Ecoles, Collings’ suits. Also we thought we saw the same trajectory with different phasing. Also that late Tiger CD from Miss M – also the salience of Meths circa 1980.

Didn’t steam a trot steamed a trout. Looks like the new car could be bigger.

Reynolds (perhaps) shows that by 1984 every strand of punk and post-punk was exhausted. Is that why M&M had to go back to Patti Smith and Brill? Or the great 5tet became reincarnated by Marsalis?

Tomorrow Northampton, then Leeds, then somewhere else.

An exchange with Helen on the figures –and one with her boss which was fairly demoralizing, Looks like there will be a dust-up on Thursday. A new level of visual abstraction emerged – but the DVD writer gave me gyp. That’s IT for you.

Read some VFT on the way home – I am very tempted to quote – will I save that for later? There is a spirit about it is very intoxicating.

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