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2005-04-22 - 9:59 p.m.

Some of yesterday’s material seems to have gone down quite well. More e-ms on my old Music Master. V interesting one from Andrew K on the state of things today - the nature of compositional practice and the lines of influence.

Keith is very keen to see the A Lee DVD even though he is not familiar with Stefanie Knows Who.

I have finally managed to get to grips with my licence application - it was simpler than it seemed but only after I d rung up and got my queries sorted. Ahhh bureaucracy - do I miss it? Not for even a second.

I came up with some theory about bad-doggie Rover. If you take the Nissan Sunderland ratio of cars per annum per employee and apply it to the production rate at Longbridge and redo the accounts using the scaled down workforce the place makes a profit. The problem is that the Rovers are not designed to be made in the way that the Nissans are.

Steve and I plotted our pathway to May 10 - two shows on a single day - and its closer than you think. Then off to Stoneleigh agricultural park for an interview - which went on longer than expected. We next meet up next Thursday when we are going to Leeds on the train which will provide plenty of time to prepare for our interview the next day which is a key step on the way to March 10.

Thinking about a guitar chord - from the lowest string E Bb Eb Ab C G . Obviously it’s a kind of C7 - and it has sharp 9 and flat 13. Its common enough to leave out the root and fifth - sticking them back in at the top is the quirky bit.

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